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Genie Bra - Best Comfort Bra

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Because now women of different ages also have different life pressures. The sense of fatigue and powerlessness makes our women lose confidence in their own shaping. Genie-bra hopes that women will exude charm in the workplace.

Genie Bra - Best Comfort Bra

Genie-Bra Mission

We are committed to providing our customers with A unique, superior, and thoughtful online shopping experience. We have high-quality manufacturers and suppliers and focus on the beauty of women. We want more women to appreciate their unique beauty, your confident look above all worldly beauty.

Patented Lifting Layer Gives You the Maximum Lift Without Underwire

The Magic Happens on the Inside Lifting Layer

Thin, molded cups sit independently from the bra exterior to shape and hold the breasts in an upright position. Interior adjustable straps distribute the weight of your breasts from front to back, holding breasts upright without a wire.

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